The Arts Matter: Why Engaging in the Arts is Important for Both Kids and Adults

The arts are a fundamental part of our humanity. They have been an essential aspect of our lives since throughout the times, used to express emotions, tell stories, and create beauty. Over the years, the arts have evolved from simple cave paintings to complex symphonies, intricate dance forms, paintings, and sculptures. Today, the arts have become even more crucial for our daily lives, especially for kids and adults. Engaging in the arts offers numerous benefits, from strengthening creativity and imagination to improving critical thinking skills, making a difference in personal and societal growth. At NGB we support the local arts here in town such as The Marblehead Little Theatre, Friends of Performing ArtsMarblehead Festival of Arts, and we proudly display 50 pieces of art in our lobby from Marblehead students in grades k-12.  Here are why the arts matter to us at NGB and why we hold them in such high regard.

Encourages Creativity and Imagination

Art offers ample space for creativity, which helps kids and adults develop their imagination. By engaging in creative endeavors, individuals learn how to become more self-aware and focused, encouraging them to find their creative voice. Activities related to art, such as painting, drawing, or crafting, open up the mind, allowing people to come up with new, innovative ideas and perspectives. Letting children explore their artistic side promotes self-esteem and helps develop problem-solving skills, crucial for their future educational goals. 

Improves Cognitive Skills

Participating in various forms of art can improve cognitive skills. Learning to read musical notes, for example, involves repeated and sustained concentration, which develop our cognitive abilities. Performing arts, such as theatre, require memorization, helps in retaining short-term memory. Engaging in art activities involves coordination between our brains and our body, which helps in improving our memory, attention span, and fine motor skills. Thus, including art classes in children’s curriculum can aid in their development and learning, making a difference in their academic performance and overall growth.

Enhances Personal Development

Engaging in various art activities contributes to personal development. From learning to express emotions in productive ways to creating an ongoing practice of self-reflection, the arts offer several opportunities for personal growth. Music and dance, for example, require constant practice and discipline, which promotes self-discipline and patience. Art can also be a way of expressing oneself, reducing anxiety and stress, improving overall mental health. It can be an essential tool for both kids and adults to deal with difficult times and engage in positive self-care.

Promotes Cultural and Social Understanding

The arts play a vital role in promoting cultural and social understanding. They can help bridge the gap between different perspectives and offer a unique way of understanding different cultures. Exposure to art enables kids and adults to see the world in new ways, develop empathy, and foster interconnectedness. It can be especially useful in breaking down barriers between people of diverse races, classes, and cultures, which can help in promoting acceptance and diversity.

Builds a Stronger Community

Art can be an ideal way to bring different members of a community together, engaging people in a shared creative experience. Art can help develop a sense of belongingness and create opportunities to celebrate diverse cultures and perspectives. Art festivals, parades, or public art shows are perfect examples of how the arts can be used to build a stronger community. Engaging children in such events can help foster a sense of unity and encourage social engagement.

The arts matter, and they are essential for both kids and adults. Including art in our daily lives promotes creativity, imagination, and cognitive development for children while aiding personal growth and reducing stress and anxiety for adults. Moreover, it can help bridge the gap between people of diverse cultures and backgrounds, encouraging social engagement and creating a more connected community. The arts aren’t just a luxury, they are a crucial aspect of our lives that help us navigate the world in meaningful and positive ways.  With summer in full swing, we hope you enjoy the Marblehead Festival of Arts, running July 1st – the 4th, for the full schedule of events click here.


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